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  • Date: 10-08-2020
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Tired to find - where is the best pet clinic in Gurgaon?

Pet Prime Veterinary Clinic is the best pet clinic which is situated in Huda market, sector 5, Gurugram. We at Pet Prime provide all the services for wellbeing of pets like vaccination, treatment, dentistry, minor and major surgeries, lab analysis, grooming and pet products. We provide our utmost care for healing the pets from illness.

Our strongest pillar?

Dr. Sapna Soni is the strongest pillar at our clinic who is post graduated in veterinary pathology and diagnostic. She has great experience in treating pets. She works patiently. She handles pet with her utmost care and safety. She treats a wide variety of animal species like canine, feline, legomorpha, lab animals and birds. She can do all kind of minor and major surgeries. She is a great surgeon whose surgeries generally has no complications. Her art of doing surgeries is very good.

How are we different from others?  

Care, compession and love these are our three main motives for our work and treatment. We stand by our these motives by giving good results by our treatment and surgeries. We provide the best treatment which is deserve by every pet as love shown by pets are almost infectious and best. We at Pet Prime provide all pet services under one roof for their proper and complete care. We also provide lab analysis of samples so that accurate diagnosis can be done in appropriate time as a good diagnosis leads to a good prognosis of disease. We have inhouse grooming facility for beautification of your pets and their proper hygiene. We have adequate space for waiting area so that clients do not face any difficulty in sitting and roaming while their pets are being treated. We also have car parking space for your safe parking of cars. In short, we take complete care of you and your pets.

We also have dentistry facility as pets do not brush, we take care of their oral hygiene by doing dental scaling and other dentistry facilities. We treat patients like that’s own. We give first preference to our patient’s concern for their wellbeing. We have got good staff who are very experienced in their work. Dr. Sapna Soni is very experienced in treating animals as she herself is a pet lover. She herself feeds stray dogs. She is very efficient in her work. She is very dedicated for her work, surgeries and pets treatment.  Pet Prime has a dedicated team for wellbeing of pets. Pet prime is fully accomplished with modern techniques of diagnostic tools and machines where we can diagnose a disease at early stage so that it does not get aggressive with time. If you are looking for dog vaccination near me, best dog doctor near me, pet doctor near me then Pet Prime Veterinary clinic is the best suited option for you.



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Pet Prime Veterinary Clinic: A pradise for well being and good health of your pet where we are healing with love

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