Dogs can be More Rational than Humans Dog Care Clinic in Gurgaon Pet Prime

  • Date: 05-09-2020
  • Post By: Dr Sapna Soni
  • Category: Veterinary Hospital in Gurgaon

Depending on the intelligence of dogs it is said that dogs can be more rational than humans. Dogs can sense every emotions better than human as they have good sensation for sensing every emotions as suggested by Pet Prime Veterinary Clinic, a pet clinic in sector 5, Gurgaon. Dogs have specialized sense glands in their nose, brain and tongue which makes them a good sniffer and attentive due to activeness of these sense glands. Dogs also have good decision making capacity if we actually compare it with the decision making capacity of humans. Dogs are more rational than humans if we talk about the general behavior like human interection and other activities. Dogs are more loving in behaviourwise and activitywise. Dogs share a strong bond with kids. They are quite playfull with children. Dogs are able to use logical thought rather than emotions to make decisions ads suggested by many dog care clinic in Gurugram. Dogs are very loyal to human and to other creature of God as well. God has very good sense of smell and hearing which is 100 times more than that of human being so they act as a good guard as compare to human. Dogs has a good sniffing power so they are use in catching criminals in police and army thus dogs are very helpful for human in many ways as dogs helps human in many ways as explained by many veterinary doctor in Gurugram.

If we talk about the caring and loyal behavior of dogs then pet parent can understand this bond very well as compare to those who does not have any pet in their home. Dogs are very caring and loyal for their owners. They has more rational behavior as compare to human. Dogs are the most happy and working companion as suggested by the best vet doctor in Gurugram. Dogs has good vision also due to presence of tapetum membrane in their eyes which enables them to see even in dark and thence make them more rational. Dogs also has good taste receptors but lesser in no. as compare it with humans. Dogs has specific teritary marking behavior by which they mark their teritary and their dominance over other dogs and animals as urine of dogs has specific hormones called pheromones which is recognized by other dogs and animals. Hence dogs are more rational as compare to humans.


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