How to Make Communicate your Dog and Develop a Relationship Pet Prime

  • Date: 18-08-2020
  • Post By: Dr Sapna Soni
  • Category: Veterinary Hospital in Gurgaon

As we all know that pets like dogs and cats shares a beautiful bond with human since decades. They offer us limitless loyality, unmeasurable love and affection. Human and pets may develop a beautiful relationship by communicating with each other. There are many ways by which they may develop this bond as explained by pet Prime ( the best pet hospital  in Gurugram) .                                                                                                 


There are many commands which human can use to make a dog or cat understand like sit, stand, eat, bark, shake hand, salute, roll, go, fetch etc. Before communicating with the pets, we must know about the mood and temperament of the pet whether they are allowing us to communicating with them or not. Firstly we must focus on the pets’ temperament then we should proceed with our commands. Our commands should be loud, clear and specific so that dog can understand them well. Communicating with our dogs, we can make them understand about their basic needs to be done in a good way like making them understand to go out for passing urine or stool or for a walk. We can make dogs understand for doing our many household works as well like newspaper handling etc. if a dog has communicated well then it can be used for army or in other sniffing activities. For this reason, dogs are also used for army forces, police, legal cases etc. Pets specially as dogs and cats are the best human companionas proposed by Pet Prime Veterinary clinic ( best pet clinic in Gurugram). Their companionship also depends on their breed and size. We can communicate a small aged puppy better and in an efficient way as compare to an aged or large sized dogs.  


For making your pets happy and healthy, it is very important to take care about their diet as a healthy diet will leads to a better communication and affection. Good and quality time spend with dogs will also develop a good bond between dog owner and dogs. In puppy stage, puppies must be taught about newspaper training for stool and urine so that they understands about hygiene maintenance as suggested by many dog care clinic in Gurugram. Healthy diet is one which includes all the required nutrients. In between meals, treats can be given to dogs and cats for their pampering. Do not add any spices and sugar in the pet’s diet. A proper ration of carbohydrate, protein and fat must be given in the diet for their proper growth.



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