Why Dogs Scratch the Ground after They Pee Best Pet Care Clinic Gurgaon

  • Date: 14-09-2020
  • Post By: Dr Sapna Soni
  • Category: Veterinary Hospital in Gurgaon

Dogs have a behavior of territory marking. They have specialized hormones in  their urine called pheromones which helps in territory marking as this hormone is sniffed by other dog and sense by sense gland thus show the dominancy of another dog in that particular area thus helps in territory marking. So to mark the territory, dogs generally scratch the ground after they pee so that their hormones in urine available at that particular area for longer time and he may dominant over other animals and dogs by marking the territory.

Dogs also scratch the ground for many other reasons other than territory marking like playing with bushes, scratching the nails etc. Dogs show digging behavior after they pee. Sometimes their pee may be infected and may contain harmful bacteria and viruses which must be neutralize by using suitable chemicals so that they do not become any hazard for human being. To make it done, pets should be allowed to go out for passing urine and stool to maintain hygiene at home. But we should also maintain hygiene in the ground and outside as well so that any communicable diseases can be avoided. Some diseases occur due to transmission of pathogens from feco-oral route, nasal route, by inhalation, by ingestion, so we must be aware about the pathogens. We must know all the preventive measures to prevent occurrence of any disease by affecting from pathogens. We must go out by putting our mask on so that inhalation mode of disease transmission can be avoided which has become a necessity now in the pandemic of corona virus (COVID-19) as suggested by Pet Prime veterinary clinic (dog clinic near me). This corona virus can not affect dogs or cats as this virus has specific tendency to affect human only. Likewise corona virus which affects dogs, can not affect human as it has specific tendency for dogs only. So there is no cross resemblance and reactivity has found between these two types of corona viruses i.e. human specific and canine specific as shown and explained by many veterinary clinic in Gurugram.

Dogs also scratch the ground after they pee because they try to maintain hygienic conditions around them. They try to cover their pee with sand or bushes so that hygiene can be maintained. But due to this scratching, sometimes dogs may get tick infestation on their coat from the ground as ticks mainly lays eggs on the ground and complete their life cycle on the dog’s hair coat as suggested by many veterinary hospitals in Gurugram. Then later on these ticks may cause a lot of problems like tick fever, anemia, lethargy, loss of condition etc. Pheromones which are present in the pee of the dogs are very potent hormones which can be recognized by other dogs and then they may realize about the dominancy of the other dog in that particular area as explained by many dog and cat clinic in Gurugram.



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