• Your Pet, Our Care !!

    As we are concern about the care and well being of your pet, we provides our utmost care to your pet.

  • Cats Choose Us, We Don’t Own Them !!

    Cats have been shown to help people get over their loss more quickly, and show less physical symptoms of pain.

  • Caring Hearts And Paws !!

    If you care about paws, paws will care about our hearts...

  • Support, Care, Treatment !!

    Pet prime improving quality of your pet’s life...

  • Animal can’t speak for themselves, lend them your voice !!

    We need to raise our voice to relieve pain of these voiceless creature of God called animals because they can’t speak for their own sufferings and pain.

Pet Prime Welcomes You

Pet Prime Provides Healthy Ambience for Treatment & Well Being of your pet

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At prime we strive to deliver pet services with our utmost care by this dedication we are best pet clinic in Gurugram. We take care of your animal friend with knowledge and compassion they deserve. We consistently strive to deliver comprehensive veterinary facilities and patient care. We are offering special discounts for stray dogs and cats for the purpose of their well being. We (Pet Prime veterinary clinic in Gurgaon) are happy to help them in order to save their life and cure their illness. Our main motives are:

  • Care
  • Compession
  • Love
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Services We Offer

We Provide Following Services For Wellbeing Of Pets



Pet Prime follows international vaccination schedule for all kind of pets. Since prevention is better than cure so as a pet parent you must know about their immunizations since its very important for their health.



Pet Prime is fully equipped to attend general and special OPD's. We have all equipment's and modern facilities to examine your fur babies and provide good treatment to your pets. Our expertise lies in providing prolific and advanced treatment opportunities for various ailments.



In Pet Prime Veterinary Clinic, all kinds of surgeries are performed if required whether it is minor or major. We duly follow surgical procedures with hygiene maintenance to save the life of your pets with our all efforts. We strive to provide the highest quality of surgical care and achieve the highest level of client satisfaction.


Diagnosis & Lab Tests

Today being a diagnostic era, Pet Prime Veterinary Clinic provides all the required lab tests and diagnostic tools for proper diagnosis of your pet’s ailment. As we are believer of “ A Proper Diagnosis Leads To A Faithfull Prognosis”.


Grooming & Spa

Grooming is a prime requirement for every pet. Some take care of themselves but to many, you need to pay attention. We offer grooming services like Shampooing Hair, Conditioning, Medicated wash, Blow Dry, Nail Clipping and Hair Cutting for your Pets.


Food & Accessories

Pet Prime Veterinary Clinic provides all the needs of your pet like food and accessories under one roof. We have special high range quality foods available specifically to vets so that proper nutrition can be fed to your lovable pets.

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Our Mission

Delivering the best pet care with compassion and love

As love, compassion, care and right treatment at the right time are the keys to heal any wound or disease, we at pet prime follow this statement with our utmost care.

We at Pet Prime (best Pet clinic in Gurgaon) use best medication in order to heal an ailment so that we can help in relieving the sufferings of the animals soon. We try to provide hygienic conditions to the pets and the pet parents so that nosocomial infection can be minimal. We always starve to provide good results with our treatment. As a good diagnosis is the key of a good treatment and result, We at Pet Prime Veterinary Clinic in Gurgaon provide lab analysis so that we can diagnose a disease at an early stage with the best results.

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Who We Are

Pet Prime Veterinary Clinic is a place where you can find everything for your pet under one roof like vaccination, treatment, minor & major surgeries, dentistry, lab analysis, grooming & spa, pet accessories, pet food and products. We treat canine, feline, lagomorpha, reptiles, amphibians and lab animals. Our team has a common compassion for helping out the furry angels. Our clinic has a very strong pillar Dr. Sapna Soni (Veterinary physician & surgeon) specialized in Veterinary Pathology and diagnostics. We are always happy to help furry kids with love and medication. Pet Prime Veterinary Clinic: A paradise for wellbeing and good health of your pet where we are healing with love.

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Pet Prime Veterinary Clinic: A pradise for well being and good health of your pet where we are healing with love

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